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A New Age in Pipe Fittings and Servicing


A new age has begun when it comes to pipe repairs, pipe fitting installation and adapting. At DraftandModel we have been working closely with Chris and Sam at CRISM Fittings Pty Ltd. We have developed models and drawings for their newly fully approved range of pipe adapter fittings.


These fittings are not at all like conventional welded pipe fittings which require welding and Non Destructive testing (NDT) post installation. This alone provides massive, I mean massive cost savings for the hydrocarbon industry for new and old pipe work. In Australia it can cost anywhere from $3k – $50k for the most basic of Field Fit Weld (FFW) in the field on pipe welding and new installation.

Chris and Sam came up with this fantastic concept which I was invited to carry out the 3D modelling and 2D drafting on the current range of CRISM Pipe Fittings. The fittings have now been fully tested and approved for commercial release. Current range DN20 – DN150 Class 150 ANSI/ASME, also DIN and JIS equivalent size range.

See below the simplicity of flange fitting and replacement in these images.


90 Degree Fitting Assembly DN50

CRISM Fitting 90 degree Elbow Adapter.
Full range modelled and drafted by

DN50 Flange Adapter

CRISM Flange Adapter fully modelled and drafted by draftandmodel