CRISM Pipe Fittings and Adapters


CRISM Pipe Fittings – full range development modelled and drawings fully approved and released for commercial use nationally and internationally. I am very proud to be the sole drafter on developing these products. Both Chris and Sam have been awesome to work with. These pipe fittings make a very welcome change to cost saving in the hydrocarbon industry. This product involved forward thinking and simplicity for the oil, gas and water transportation and serviceability.
Autocad Plant 3D Please contact us for Autocad Plant 3D database models and/or database development for CRISM Fittings.

CRISM Fittings in Autocad Plant 3D

CRISM Fitting Installation Video

CRISM Fitting Animation Video

CRISM Fitting 90 degree elbow adapter
CRISM Fitting 45 degree elbow. Full modelling and drafting by Conway Shipard draftandmodel
CRISM Fitting pipe coupling adapter – no welding required