CAD 3D Modelling Service is our specialty, a perfect place to start the origin of most design concepts. 3D Modelling Services are one of the first steps in design reviews moving your ideas forward.

We specialize in 3D pipe modelling, 3D Prototype development models and 3D Printing direct from the models. We also model Structural Steel and Mechanical Designs.

As we progress with the 3D Model design review models are sent and reviewed using most common file formats including: .dwg, .dwfx, .nwd, 3D pdf, .stl, .stp. We can accommodate several alternate file types of models produced on request. Modelling of 3D designs is one of the most cost effective and progressive methods for success with your projects.

Clash testing is also a very important step with large projects and we are able to apply 3D Model clash detection tests throughout the designing stage. A 3D Modelling Service is the most effective method for ‘real world’ clash detection tests.

CAD 3D Modelling allows for precision design to extreme tolerance levels quite often exceeding end use requirements. Draft and Model pride ourselves on the great depth of accuracy when providing our 3D Modelling Service to you.

Please feel free to contact us for any of your proposed CAD 3D Modelling Service ideas.